Bell ベル Transfer-9 Bike Helmet (Black / White / Silver Element)【送料無料】【代引不可】【あす楽不可】【05P20Aug16】【0818】-その他





You've seen high-zoot DH and BMX helmets with trickle-down motocross technology before. But you've never seen one like this. The all-new Transfer-9 is a game-changer. It has years of Bell's unrivaled moto experience deep in its DNA, and it's designed for everyday shredding. That means you get many of the same features as the Full-9 at a price that's built for everyday shredding.SOUNDTRAX SPEAKER POCKETSSoundtrax is Bell's system of built-in-speaker pockets and integrated audio cable routing. No goofy modifications needed - Soundtrax integrated perfectly with the Full-9 to provide the backbeat to your ride.OVERBROW VENTILATIONThe Overbrow Ventilation intakes work with the moto proven Velocity Flow Ventilation system on the Full-9 to actively usher cool air over the head via three ports on the brow of the helmet. A specially designed bridge keeps the ducting free from obstruction while the Full-9's air-channel matrix works to maximize full-head ventilation.EJECT HELMET REMOVAL SYSTEM COMPATABILITYIntegrated accommodation of the Eject Helmet Removal System allows first responders to gently remove the helmet from a rider's head, reducing the potential for secondary injuries.!